10 Series That Could Be Picked Up This Fall

Well in a few short weeks we’ll know all the fall schedules for all the networks. So why not create unrealistic expectations to only have them crushed? Well, this post will discuss ten series that have some hope of winding up on a TV channel.

Spirits Battle

Group shot of the main character in Sunrise's Battle Spirits: Shonen Toppa Bashin. Yeah don't worry, all these shows are starting to look the same to me too.

Battle Spirits
Battle Spirits is another one of those “buy my trading cards” shows. This time around the original manufacturer of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (for the 1997 series) Bandai brings us the series with their production arm Sunrise handling the series 50 episode run. In Japan both the cards and the show do fairly well, having spawned to sequel series, manga, and video games. Currently only the card game itself is available in English.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Unlikely… for the fall. The series has yet to be licensed, but word on the street is that there is a bidding war between several companies for the anime series. Given the reason the show exists, and how many similar shows like it have been picked up here, I’d say it has a strong chance of being on TV here some day. Probably to compliment that Super Anime lineup.

Not another one of these

Dentsu's Deltora Quest is based on the book series of the same name. I hope the anime's generic art isn't based on the novel's being as generic.

Deltora Quest
Based on the Australian novel series of the same name, Deltora Quest is a 2007/2008 65 episode fantasy series. The series tells the story of sixteen year old Lief who attempts to retake his kingdom after it had been conquered by the evil Shadow Lord.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Possible. The series was picked up by DCI-LA (Dentsu’s new American brand after the death of Geneon) and dubbed in Calgary by Blue Water, so it’ll count as Canadian Content. The series also has broadcasters around the world, including The Hub in the US. If Bionix was still around it would’ve been a great pick up for the younger audience aimed series that aired prior to the block.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Groupshot for the first arch of Toei's refreshed version of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai
Dragon Ball Z Kai is the 2009 refreshed version of 1989’s Dragon Ball Z. Launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z, the 25th anniversary of the manga, and as an attempt to piggy back off the perceived guaranteed success of Dragonball Evolution, Kai retells the story of Z in a filler reduced quasi-remake.The aim for the series it so reduce the original Z’s 291 episode run into something more manageable.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Confirmed. While the series was picked up by Funimation Entertainment, the Texas dub will air on the 4Kids CW television block renamed this fall to Toonzai. While the series has yet to be picked up by a Canadian broadcaster, considering the record ratings it set for Nicktoons Network (the show’s original channel in the US), the franchise history it has up here, and the rumors of a Vancouver based dub, I wouldn’t put it past anyone if we see a Canadian channel pick it up this fall.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Bones' 2009 manga accurate retelling of Fullmetal Alchemist. The above image looks like Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those brown and gray video games that are all the rage now a days.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Because Bones and Square Enix didn’t make enough money off the original Fullmetal Alchemist series… I mean, this 2009 reboot to the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series closely follows the events of the manga series. Where as the original deviated from the manga about half way through its run, this series follows the manga from beginning to end.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Poor. The series, like the original, was picked up by Funimation Entertainment and dubbed in Texas. Considering there isn’t a venue for teenage aimed anime in Canada, as well as the fact this series isn’t lighting the US on fire, I’d say it’ll take some kind of weird luck for this to appear here.

InuYasha The Final Act and that's a fact

Sunrise's 2009 conclusion series to InuYasha. That one series that never ended, finally ends.

InuYasha: The Final Act
167 episodes simply weren’t enough to contain Rumiko Takahashi’s feudal fairy tale, so Sunrise brings us this 26 episode conclusion series. In twenty-six episodes, I wonder how many times Kagome yells “Sit!”. Ugh.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Possible. The series was picked up by Viz, like the original, and is being dubbed in Vancouver. Considering the original series spear headed older youth oriented anime, it wouldn’t be the furthest leap of faith to say InuYasha’s got a shot. The only issue at hand is that, once again, the series doesn’t have a venue. Then again, that didn’t stop that Dog Demon the first time around.


Sunrise's 2006 anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. That be some ugly character art. Yeah, I'm also still wondering how this got on TV in the US.

Based on the manga of the same name, Sunrise adapts the series into a 52 episode series. Like the previous two series, this one doesn’t end on the terms of the manga, as the series is still on-going.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Poor. Viz picked it up and gave it a LA dub, and considering it’s a B-tier title at best, it would have to become a smash in the US for any broadcaster up here to even care about it. From early ratings, it hasn’t been anything close to a smash down there.

Naruto Shippuden

Studio Pierrot's sequel series to Naruto. Like Dragon Ball, the name change is solely an anime only deal.

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto’s getting older everyday. The series is like Degrassi, but for anime. Sakura gets pregnant, and Sasuke gets an addiction to coke, you know the usual. Uh, not exactly. It’s more of the same from the original Naruto, except those preteens of the original series have finally grown a little older.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Poor. I can’t say with confidence that Naruto 2.0 would be brought up here when the original series was shoved to a 12AM time slot to end the series. That said, the original was once a strong performer for YTV, and if they aren’t biting maybe it would be a good program to launch Family EXTREME. Haha, who am I kidding, they’d shove the show to a worse time slot than YTV.

Little People Big Show

This generation's Tanma and Friends?

This here is a toddler’s series. I really don’t have much to say other than the series first season spawns 26 episodes at 5 minutes each. There’s also an OVA and a sequel series. It’s based on a series of French children’s books that have sold more than 14 million worldwide.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Semi-Confirmed. Once again 4Kids has picked up this series. However, they haven’t confirmed if the series will air on Toonzai. As for Canadian broadcast, given that the series is a bunch of shorts, it’s a toss up. YTV has a younger children’s block on weekday mornings, and of course there is Treehouse.

Pretty Cure Max Heart

Toei's sequel series to Pretty Cure, Pretty Cure: Max Heart. Man, there's like three dozen spinoffs of this series.

Pretty Cure: Max Heart
The sequel to 2004’s Pretty Cure television series. Cure White, Cure Black, and apparently Rapunzel team together to face more evil in this 47 episode series. Sailor Moon, eat your (max) heart out.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Poor. The original series’ run on YTV was quite problematic. In fact, the series, despite debuting in early 2009, is only going to end this month with a 5 episode marathon. That doesn’t instill much hope for more Pretty Cure. But never say never, as the original was dubbed in Calgary by Blue Water, and we never really know what Toei’s US division is up to.

This is one ugly series

This Japan-South Korea co-production is brought to us by Toei. No, I didn't mention this series already. That other one did have character designs with a stick thin kid, with baggy pants, like what is he trying to be, a kite?

Tai Chi Chasers
This South-Korea to Japan co-production runs 39 episodes and features some nonsensical plot twists. Or so I’m told.

Chances Of Being Picked Up: Confirmed. Once again 4Kids comes through, and has picked up this series for Toonzai. However, I’d assume a Canadian broadcast would depend on if the series can become a hit, which would mean Winter 2010/2011 at the earliest.

That’s all, thank goodness. Over 1500 words later, and here we are. For those who clicked on the link earlier, and only saw three series listed, that was a mistake, the post was not supposed to go up that early, haha.

  1. Hope some TV Channels in Canada will pick up Inuyasha The Final Act and some of the other anime posted on your page.

    • It would be pretty sad if it didn’t air up here. Since the show had such a large female fanbase, someone should bundle it with Vampire Knight, hahaha.

    • Jesse
    • July 24th, 2010

    I wouldn’t really call the 4Kids shows “confirmed”… after all, they’re only available to people who have access to whatever American network is carrying that block, which won’t be everywhere in the country.

    Apparently Ocean’s involvement with DBZ:Kai is limited to video production. But still, the fact that it hasn’t been picked up yet is certainly discouraging.

    • I believe most cable/satelite providers do carry a CW affilate, however for many it’s in a niche package rather than being carried with stuff like CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.

      The post was written with the hope that Ocean’s involvement is more than just video editing. :P If it doesn’t get picked up, it’ll be one of the dumbest things of recent history, since it has been a success in the US, and is already proven up here.

  2. I would like to see Deltora Quest picked up. The fansubs stopped at 26, and even those were released by different groups. While it’s a children’s show, the story is complex and interesting enough to keep an adult interested. This would have been perfect for Bionix.

    The dubs only go to episode 52, although I understand that the last 13 episodes are filler.

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