Before joining our user forums please note these rules:

1) Do not post pornography or other sexually suggestive material. We’re trying to stay family friendly, and by posting that, you’re not only breaking the rules I placed, you’re breaking the rules of Invision Free (our forum’s host).

2) Keep language to a minimum. Once again, we’re trying to be family friendly so keep crude language to the sailors.

3) No discussion of illegal activities. This includes links to pirated goods. Posting a clip or two of an episode is ok, but don’t post a link to download an entire episode of a show, or post a link to a site that collects pirated material.

4) Please try to type. You don’t have to have perfect English, but it has to be readable, nothing like “U no my cuz has a cool friend I 143 him”.

This is on top of what I feel should be general knowledge, like being polite to other users, and not posting spam.

If that sounds good to you, then join here.

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